Annual Report 2020
Sustainability at Bittium in 2020
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Bittium´s Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct

Bittium´s ethical principles comprise the following areas of sustainability:

1) Anti-corruption

The nature of Bittium´s market area and business sector makes corruption one of the main risks related to social responsibility and human rights. Bittium does not condone any forms of bribery or corruption in its operations or those of its partners. Bittium updated its internal and external anti-corruption guidelines in 2017. The employees receive training on the guidelines.

Bittium expects its partners to comply with these guidelines. The company uses a monitoring tool for detecting corruption and other ambiguities in the operations of its partners.

The external and internal stakeholders are provided with a channel for reporting violations of anti-corruption rules. There were no cases of corruption reported to Bittium in 2020.

2) Information security and data protection 

Bittium´s information security and data protection policies specify the methods employed in the classification, storage and disclosure of information.

3) Fair business, advertising and competition

Bittium follows the rules on fair business, advertising and competition. The company has access to different methods of securing customer information in accordance with information security procedures.

4) Corporate citizenship

The company supports community involvement in order to promote social and economic development.

5) Protection of intellectual property rights

Bittium respects intellectual property rights and applies its IPR strategy and guidelines to all of its operations.

Sustainable procurement is also an essential part of Bittium´s sustainable business operations. The principles of sustainable purchasing have been described in greater detail in ‘Confidential customer relationships and secure products´.