Annual Report 2020
Corporate Governance Statement
Reporting Period Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2020
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Erkki Veikkolainen

b. 1952, M.Sc. (EE), eMBA
Full-time occupation: Mevita Invest Oy, CEO

Positions of trust:

  • Bittium Corporation (prev. Elektrobit Corporation), Member of the Board 2008–2015, Chairman of the Board 2015–.
  • KoskiRent Ltd, Member of the Board 2020–.
  • Lumous lighting Oy, Member of the Board 2019–.
  • Elcoflex (Suzhou) Co. Ltd, Member of the Board 2007–.
  • Elcoflex Oy, Member of the Board 2015–, Chairman of the Board 2006–2015.
  • Maustaja Oy, Member of the Board 2006–.

Previous work history:

  • Bittium Technologies Ltd. (prev. Elektrobit Technologies Ltd.), Member of the Board 2011–2015.
  • Elektrobit Corporation, Executive Vice President, Contract R&D and Test Business Units 2002–2003.
  • Elektrobit Technologies Ltd., Managing Director 2001–2003.
  • Elektrobit Ltd., Vice President, Business Development 1998–2001.
  • Nokia Mobile Phones, various positions 1985–1998, latest Vice President

Holdings Dec. 31, 2020:
Holds 1,659,273 Bittium Corporation shares.
Independent as regards to the Company and its significant shareholders.